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"MailerGator made the whole process of Direct Mail very easy from start to finish. They explained and provided resources for every step of the process. I wish working with other companies was so pleasant and easy."

"Everything is online now!"

What it takes to break through the digital noise

The marketing teams at big companies agree — sending direct mail is a really good way to advertise.


Physical ads beat digital because people remember them more. And while digital ads disappear, people hold on to marketing mail in their homes.

But for small businesses just starting with direct mail, it can seem like it's too hard to get good response — if response is tracked at all!

Doing it by yourself might not turn out the way you hoped.

Why EDDM campaigns fail

  • Weak offer. Sending less than your best offer to a cold audience can result in a frigid response.
  • Weak copy. Missing the mark in messaging won't nudge your audience over the threshold to take action.
  • Unknown response. Without a strategy to track response, you're left guessing if your campaign was really worth it.

The Fix

Test and optimize your postcard marketing

Never waste money on dud campaigns again. Instead build winning campaigns for a scalable, repeatable marketing machine that runs without you.

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Drive the growth of your business

Get dialed in on responsive, powerful direct mail campaigns that are proven to work for your target audience.

Steady lead flow
Control lead flow by sending the proper volume for predictable response.
Increase ROI
Reduce wasted marketing spend by sending campaigns with proven response.
Scale with confidence
Start sending in greater volumes with the confidence of tested campaigns.
Run on autopilot
Unlock the power of a marketing channel that can run with no additional effort.

The power of direct mail

Greater brand recall for direct mail over digital
Report feeling more valued than with digital
Trust direct mail ads for purchase decisions
Average time marketing mail kept in household
17 days

Level up your marketing

The Postcard Marketing Plunge

Everything you need to execute powerful postcard marketing campaigns.

Let's do it!

Don't miss these bonuses

  • Performance calculators. Capture a full understanding of the effect of response rates and volume on your business.
  • Guide to statistical analysis. Gain clarity on the structure and analysis of testing for actionable results.

Postcard Plunge

$22992000 First Class 6" x 9" postcards printed and mailed

Campaign strategy
Mailing list
Unique QR code tracking
A/B testing

Our guarantee to you

100% Campaign Confidence Guarantee

We help you build and test your campaign using research backed marketing strategies, long-standing copywriting best practices, and the latest technology and tools for tracking and analyzing results. But if for whatever reason you do not have confidence in your campaign, you can choose not to send, and we will give you a full refund. The training you and your team receive will be our gift to you.

It's time to build a scalable
marketing machine.

Join us for structured campaign strategy and execution to set in motion a marketing machine that will generate leads, build relationships, and drive growth all while you stay focused on your business.

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De-risk your marketing

Another year without dialing in your own powerful direct mail campaigns is a missed opportunity to generate demand and control a marketing channel free from platform risk, unpredictable algorithms, and competitive ad pricing auctions.

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