Postcard marketing for
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Unlock the power of postcards for your Holiday Lighting business.

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In this guide, we'll cover:

  • Why postcards work for holiday lighting businesses
  • What goes into a postcard marketing campaign
  • Tips to increase response and effectiveness

Light up your lead flow with postcards

If you want to scale your holiday lights business, postcard marketing may be just the growth medium you're looking for.

Postcards are the timeless marketing channel capable of attracting new customers, building trust and loyalty, and scaling as you grow your business.

Postcards allow you to stand out from the competition and the digital noise.


There are several unique properties of postcard marketing that set it apart from other marketing strategies.

As you'll see, postcards combine the strengths of targeting, physical presence, and scalability. These applied to an understanding of your target market create a powerful medium to promote your business.

Making postcards work in the holiday lights market

As the holiday lighting industry continues to grow, you'll need cost-effective, scalable ways to stand out in the marketplace.

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business because it creates lead flow — which means cash flow and the confidence to scale your operations.

A traditional marketing method like postcard marketing can offer a refreshing and memorable way to engage with your audience and communicate your value to potential customers.

You'll need to start with a solid understanding of the holiday lights market itself.

Identify the demographics — age, income level, family status — and classifications — existing customer base, new homeowners, busy professionals — that you'll be targeting.

Consider consumer behavior and motivations around holiday lights service. These include aesthetic trends and specialty services such as storage and automation.

Knowing your market will help you create more targeted and effective postcard marketing campaigns.

Surprising benefits of postcard marketing

Postcards have advantages that make them a highly effective tool in your marketing toolbox.

Here's why postcard marketing could be a game-changer for your business…

Flexible campaign size and exact targeting help make postcards more cost-effective compared to other marketing methods.

Tangibility offers a personal touch and a physical presence that produces a more lasting impression over digital marketing.

Postcards have high delivery and open rates, guaranteeing your message will be given consideration by the recipient.

Plus, you'll find less competition in physical mailboxes.

Importantly, campaigns are trackable, allowing you to measure results, calculate ROI, and optimize campaigns.

And because consumers often hang on to postcards, you have the benefit of quick response as well as lasting impact.

What goes into a successful holiday lights postcard

When a postcard arrives in the mail, its first job is to grab attention. Your postcard's design and copywriting elements are the only interface you have to get your message across.

Design elements include layout, color, fonts, images and branding.

Headlines and additional text, including a clear value proposition, provide the persuasive argument for the recipient to take action.

Be sure to include essential information such as details about services, contact information, promotions.

Most importantly, deliver a clear call to action for exactly what next step you want your recipient to take.

Targeting and segmenting an audience for holiday lights

The goal of targeting and segmentation is to increase the relevance and therefore effectiveness of your campaigns.

Types of segmentation include demographic, behavioral, or geographic.

Once you have selected your target audience, you can customize the message, design, and unique value proposition to that specific target audience segment.

You can begin to do more advanced targeting by improving data collection among your leads and customers, asking for customer feedback, and performing A/B testing.

More focus in your campaigns increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

By meeting specific needs and preferences of different customer segments, you'll also be able to attract customers that are a better fit for your services.

The result is more personalized and more compelling marketing that translates to happier customers.

Holiday lights campaign distribution strategies

Distribution also plays a role in producing a high-performance postcard marketing campaign.

Direct mail gives you the opportunity for targeting and personalization by using curated mailing lists.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service is limited to geographic targeting and does not allow for personalization but is a fast and less expensive delivery method.

Keep timing and frequency in mind when planning campaign distribution. Well-timed seasonal messages, consistency, and follow-up can dramatically improve response.

Tracking and measuring your success

Postcard marketing can be used to build a performant and reliable marketing machine.

Establish clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). These may include customer acquisition, conversion rates, and return on investment.

Implement a tracking mechanism such as promo codes, QR codes, dedicated phone numbers or custom landing pages.

By continuously tracking and measuring results you can refine and optimize future campaigns and compound future returns.

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